Wood Kitchen Carts – Maximizing Their Potential

Wood kitchen carts are a very popular addition to American homes, not only in the kitchen and dining areas, but in just about any room in the home. A large part of their popularity is their versatility, adding lots of storage and work space in a very small package.

Practical and attractive, you can use kitchen carts as a replacement for the traditional kitchen island, providing you with just as much work space while allowing you the added convenience of rolling the island out of the way whenever you need a little more real estate, such as during the holidays when the kitchen is crowded with friends and family.

If you’re using your wood kitchen carts in the kitchen, then you’ll want to maximize their potential. Properly arranged, these carts can hold a lot of your kitchen equipment, freeing up other cabinets and shelves in the process.

To make the most out of your cart, start at the bottom. This is where your cart has the most room, so you want to put all your largest items there, whether your wood kitchen carts have an open shelf area or a cabinet. This includes your appliances, such as a food processor or mixer as well as any large pots, pans or bake ware you regularly use. This is also a great place to store the appliances you use less often, such as a slow cooker, waffle iron or bread maker.

If your wood kitchen carts have shelves, consider using these for things like stoneware, large platters or bowls. If you want to show off your collection of dishware, go with a cart with an open design or one that has glass doors.

A really well designed cart is functional too. Ideally, you’ll have a cart with drawers. You can put your flatware here or perhaps large utensils, such as serving spoons and tongs that can be used during food service. If you have an additional set of flatware or silverware, wood kitchen carts are a great place to store them, so you can go to your auxiliary supply quickly during large dinner parties or gatherings.

A lot of carts have handy slotted areas along the side. These are intended for your cutlery, specifically your prep knives and cleavers. This is a great place to store these items, since they provide you with quick access when you need them but remain out of the way the rest of the time. Browse this site listing about   https://butcherblockco.com

Finally, some carts come with small shelves on the sides that are designed to hold spices, rubs, salt and pepper. A paper towel rack can also come in quite handy, especially if you do a lot of baking or food prep.

Speaking of food prep, if you enjoy cooking in the kitchen you may want to invest in either a cart with a stainless steel top and add your own cutting boards to it or get one with a wood cutting board top. While there are concerns about cross contamination if you prep meat dishes on a wood board, you may find the built in boards a godsend if you like to bake a lot.

If you are a baker, you may also want to consider wood kitchen carts that have a drop leaf. This will give you even more prep space, and the drop leaf when it’s up is a great place to have your cookie sheets at the ready without taking up precious counter space. Alternately, you could go with a cart that has a pullout cutting board, another great space saver.